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Dina Sasson

Hi Rebeca, I was reading a few articles in the women of the waters webpage, when I saw the title of yours. Funny because I don't believe in coincidences, so I was sure I would find something special in this article. Also when I saw your picture and you seemed familiar to me.

Yes, all your descriptions match with my experience on the JWRP trip, I liked your beautiful story of the earrings also, and you took me back to the special feeling inside the Tsfat mikveh. I was stuck to the energy these women emitted, not only thru their words, but also thru their peaceful and radiant faces. The way they spoke, the way they dressed. and the peculiar way they thought was so out of this world really, in that moment I kept thinking I didn't want to leave so what should I do, and also I kept thinking...........what if I asked for a job here???? hahaha

My trip was filled with so many sign of G-d (funny little things we want and insist on seeing as coincidences, you know), lessons and teachings that were so precise to the moments I was experiencing throughout Israel. Today it was very clear to me that this was another sign of a coincidence "not really a coincidence".

So thank you for reminding me of how special my trip was, that it really is once in a lifetime. The lessons I carry with me, and should always carry with me, are precious and I should make a point of having them present all the time. I didn't get the earrings unfortunately, yet today when I read your article you became my Tsfat earrings, exactly before the Shabbos Proyect shabat. So thank you.

By the way, the other coincidence "not really a coincidence" was to find out that I knew the person writing the article (so you also took me back to my early years), so of coarse you looked so familiar, we know each other from Guatemala. Long time no see............yet from all the articles available from other amazing women, yours was the article I stumbled upon.

Sandra faena

How nice you describr the moment rebecca! You took me there back again, ! The earrings, the lovely and sweet and full of love of those beatiffull women who received us! I will keep that full of lobe experience in my heart forever Sandra Faena. From Bs As. Argentina


Dear Elisheva,
I just saw my post on the Women of the Waters!
Thanks for posting it!
I am getting those earrings ready for tomorrow!
Hug from Guatemala,

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